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755, 808, and 1064 nm Laser Safety Glasses for the physician and medical laser technician. Eyewear comes in a hard case with a lanyard and has a 12 month warranty. Wavelength: 740 - 1100 nm. 755, 808, and 1064 nm Laser Safety eyewear has a Visible Light Transmission (VLT) of 45% and an Optical Density of 5+. The VLT value is the percentage of visible light that can travel through the glasses, the higher the value is, the better visual you get. Designed for the following lasers: Lumenis Lightsheer, Alma Soprano XL, Alma Harmony XL, Candela GentleLASE, Candela Gentlemax, Syneron eMax, Mediostar, Cutera Xeo, Cutera Coolglide, Cynosure Apogee Elite, Elite MPX, Sciton, Cynosure Smartlipo, Lumenis M22,

Lazerlenz Laser Goggles Multi Wavelength 755 & 808 & 1064 Modern Wrap-Around Med

    • Medical Laser Safety Eyewear Filters wavelengths: 740-1100nm
    • Indicated Uses: Laser Hair Removal and Laser Vein Removal
    • Medical Safety Operator Eyewear for the physician and laser technician. Curved style comfort fit!
    • Multi-wavelength laser goggles that can be used on several several lasers with different wavelengths
    • Certifications: US AN1 Z136.1.3 and Z78.1; Canada CSA Z368; Europe EN207/EN208
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