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Lazerlenz 2940 nm, 1470 nm, 1550 nm and 10600 nm Laser Safety Eyewear for the physician and operator. Eyewear comes in a hard case with a lanyard and has a 12 month warranty. For use with all laser skin resurfacing lasers including: Sciton, Fraxel, Lumenis Ultrapulse, Lumenis Accupulse, Cynosure Starlux and Icon, Deka Smartxide, Alma Pixel, Harmony XL Pixel Pro

Lazerlenz Eyewear Goggles Erbium Yag 2940 nm, Fraxel Erbium Glass 1550 nm, Scito

    • Glass lens
    • Blocks laser wavelengths nm: 190-400 5+, 1450-1650 2+, >1650-1775 3+, >1775-3000 4+, 1980-2550 5+, 5200-11000 5+, 9000-10600 6+
    • Indicated Uses: Erbium Yag, Halo 1470, Erbium Glass 1550 nm, CO2 10,600 Laser Resurfacing
    • Medical Laser Safety Operator Eyewear for the physician and laser technician
    • for Use with Ablative Lasers, Including: Sciton, Palomar, Alma Pixel, Lumenis Ultrapulse,
    • Certifications: US AN1 Z136.1.3 and Z78.1; Canada CSA Z368; Europe EN207/EN208
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